Each workshop will feature the experience of Ms. Reinhert, and for many workshops, she will be accompanied by members of her band.  Guided by this experienced team, focus will be on interactive participation from the students to ensure that the concepts are engaging and fun to learn.

With advanced booking, Kat and her band are able to work with the classroom or ensemble teacher to further the understanding, integration, and connection to the concepts and content already being taught, thus bringing a highly specialized and individual aspect to each session.

Rates vary and are available upon request.

Working with Voices to maximize their health in a popular music ensemble
Designed for ensemble directors to help them gain more knowledge about the developing voice.  Topics such as vocal health, techniques for maximum efficiency, monitor and microphone placement and usage, appropriate key choices and repertoire choices will be discussed and demonstrated. 

Discover the joy of songwriting!
Workshop to discuss the process behind songwriting in which students will learn what goes in to creating an original work and the ins and outs of how to get out of a rut when writing original material. Can be a one time workshop or an ongoing experience where Kat returns on multiple occasions or through online meetings to work with the students on creating original work.

KNOWING THE VOICE                         
Get to know how the voice works!
Participants will learn about the use of the voice in Contemporary Commercial Styles.  Topics addressed will include: general vocal health, vocabulary of the voice, voice science and the production of sound, finding the right key for your voice, and choosing repertoire.


Sharpen and enhance your choir's jazz and/or a cappella skills.
Designed for the jazz vocal choir, a cappella choir, or choir working on jazz material who would like some added input and collaboration,  participating groups will gain confidence, experience and finesse on the songs which they are already singing.  Collaboration with the director make this workshop invaluable as prep for a concert or contest, or just a little extra incentive and inspiration during the school year.   

Learn to have more confidence when improvising.
Participants will learn about the art of improvisation - something we actually do every day.  Topics will include different approaches to improvisation, thematic development of a solo, how to implement concepts of improvisation when working with a band, and how to use improvisation within the context of composition.  Individual and group improvisation will be required.   Workshop can be structured for vocalists and instrumentalists.